My scroll wheel or the set temperature does not work! Anyone?

I used the Precision Cooker twice without issue. Then yesterday when I plugged it in, eager to cook some salmon, the set temperature started dropping on the display until at 41F/5.0C and would not change, no matter how i scroll the wheel up and down.
Has anyone experienced that as well? Any solutions?

@kingfeifei We’re so sorry to hear that your Precision Cooker is having issues and we apologize for the inconvenience. It sounds like your unit may need to be replaced. Once the app is released (which we expect to be any day now according to Apple’s standard turnaround on app approval) you may be able to recalibrate the unit but this issue may not be able to be resolved through recalibration. I noticed that you purchased two Precision Cookers - have you had this issue with both at all or just one of them? Thanks!

@JordanHouston‌ Thanks for the quick reply. Well the other unit was supposed to be for my friend, who i planned to meet over christmas, but the unit came late so i still have the second unit with me, unopened. What I can do is, I will try the second unit, if it works fine, could you arrange a replacement unit sent directly to my friend in the UK? that should be the same cost for you, right? Then I can post the bad unit back. Please let me know if that works. Thanks.

@kingfeifei We’re so sorry again for the delay you experienced over the holidays. Would you please go ahead and try out the second unit and send me a message with the results? If you could also provide a quick video documenting the issue, it will greatly help us with the replacement process. Thanks so much!