My unit reset during the night

I was cooking a brisket for a 48 hour cook at 150F. All was fine up until hour 36. This morning I checked and my unit was at 77F, and OFF. Also the temperature units went from F to C.

What would cause it to do this?

Also, is there a way to run the unit from my desktop rather than my Android phone. I have had no issues with it until this. Sometimes Android updates will mess with your apps.

It is possible that you had a brief power outage or dip during the night. Check things around the house that need to be reset after a power failure. I have an oven that is particularly sensitive to power fluctuations of any sort and it always tells me if there has been a power issue.

To answer the second part of your question. No. There is no Windows based control. Nor, do I believe, are their plans to release one.

It’s quite likely that John’s correct with a power blip causing the problem. It doesn’t take much sometimes. I have 2 Anova units and one is more susceptible to blips than the other even though they are both the same model.

An update to the software would be in order then. It would be backing up the currently running program, that would then resume after the power outage ends.

While I understand what you’re saying, I’m not sure there’s a single program driven immersion circulator that has this feature.

Maybe at least an alert text or email to let the user know the cooking program was interrupted.

A short cook maybe would not be a big deal, but over several days like mine, would be a problem.

Food safety comes into play when it comes to restarting a cook. The unit would need to know how long the power had been out… Or at least be able to take the temperature of the water before deciding whether to restart the cook or not.

A notification that the unit has lost power would be a nice feature. With the concern over food safety I do not think you will see a restart feature.