Nano, Late Delivery, Irresponsible Reply

I am totally disappointed to Anova.
I ordered a Nano on 18 Nov and got Anova email on 20 Nov saying that my Nano had been shipped and target to arrive HK in 2 days. Definitely a good news to me.
But nearly 2 weeks gone, I still haven’t received my Nano.
I checked courier status, it is pending for sender’s package to post.
I emailed Anova, they replied I could check with courier as they don’t have full access of shipment status.
But I don’t think I have more access right than you, base on that tracking no.
Anyway, I emailed courier, they replied they never received my package.
Is it a joke? where is my package shipped to?
I emailed Anova again on 3 Dec, no one reply me till now.
The logistic is messy…
In 2018, can’t imagine a package can be lost as everyone of it has a tracking label.

Can anyone help me.?

Hey Oscar, just looked into your order. It seems there may have been issue with shipping with the courier. We’ve processed and shipped the unit on November 19th, but something is clearly wrong since you have yet to received your packaged. I’ve alerted our customer success manager to get this resolved ASAP. We’ll follow up shortly with you. I’m really sorry about this. We’ll make sure to take care of this.