New Anova high-pitch sound

Hi Everyone,

I upgraded the original Anova to the new model (New Anova) and I’m a bit disappointed with the constant high-pitch noise it makes. The old one is super quiet, the new one is super annoying. I asked on the support chat and they’ve sent me a youtube video demonstration what normal sound is and it’s quite similar to my case: [](

Only the volume is difficult to compare, in my case, I can still hear it from 5m away…

Is this really normal?



The new unit does make more noise than the older model did because it has a higher revving motor and a smaller, plastic impeller. I believe that is a ‘normal’ level of noise for that particular model.

Thanks for the confirmation. I won’t be able to use it in my apartment :frowning:

my nano was quiet in the beginner now it is making all kinds of noises…

I don’t think this is normal

I have the same issue with the new model. I bought two units, both are very loud. I would like to know if the Anova Pro also makes so much noise. Honestly I would have paid the extra money for the pro if the pro unit is quiet. Apart from the noise the Anova works fine. Constant temperature, easy wifi connection and great app. Unfortunately mine have been banned to the garage, out of WiFi range…