New Anova making a grinding noise on first use

I’m using my Anova Precision Cooker for the first time tonight.

About an hour into cooking, the device starting making an unpleasant grinding noise. I can’t figure out what it is. The bags are not touching the device. The thumb-screw are tight so the device itself is not moving.

Can anyone help me?

If you look at the impeller through the cap on the bottom, does it seem centred? If it’s not, then the impeller shaft may be bent or not connected properly at the top (where it’s driven by the motor) - if that’s the case, then you should have the unit replaced under warranty (or exchange it where you purchased it if you bought it at a retail location).

It’s also possible that the screw holding the blades to the impeller shaft could be loose, allowing the impeller to make contact with the end cap. In that case, you can just tighten it with a screw driver. @HunterC can confirm with engineering if loc-tite is needed for that screw.

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Thank you for your reply. After I was done cooking. I examined the inside and adjusted the main rod with the propellor with my fingers, just trying to make sure that it’s centered. Then I used it again and it was silent the entire time.

I hope this is sufficient. I’m a bit concerned, especially since the device is brand new. The noise was really annoying. I could hear it throughout the apartment.

Thanks again for the tips.

BTW, here’s a video I took while the Anova was making the unpleasant noise.


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Hi @benrub so sorry you had this issue. Glad you got it fixed. If for any reason it persists, do not hesitate to contact, we can get you set up with a replacement .


I seem to have the same problem where can I upload a video please?

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Hey @codama29 I would contact so they can help you with this!

thank you for your help

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