New Precision cooker not working

I got my precision cooker today and when i installed it and hit the play button it ran like for half a second and then stops and keeps making a short beep and repeating the beep every 5 seconds. Every time i hit he play button its the same.

Here’s a clip to show the problem im referring to.

Just out of curiosity, have you tried putting more water in at all? I believe you that it was above the minimum line but it looked to me like a pretty darn small amount of water. (It was pretty hard to see the water level in the video so maybe it was actually more than I could see). At any rate, you’ll get better replies from contacting support directly instead of going through this community forum. I’ve had to get a replacement and support is really good.

@mferrfig, please email, we definitely want to know more about this and hopefully we’ll get you back up and running soon.

That beeping is likely due to the fact that the cooker thinks the water level is too low. As @elangomatt suggested, be sure the water level is about an inch or so above the “MIN” mark just to be sure. If it is still mis-behaving, Anova will take care of you.