No replies from customer support

Hello Guys,

Before I bought the device I got instant reply. now after the purchase I sent several emails and no one is replying to my issue.

Can you please tell me how can I reach you?

Hey, can you let me know what your ticket number with support is?

its ok I got the reply now finally. thanks :slight_smile: yay <3

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I also have had an EXTREMELY difficult time getting a reply. Support does not appear to be a strength for the Anova company.

I am super disappointed in the whole process.

We will respond to your inquiry. We’re just unfortunately experiencing a higher than usual volume of tickets.

I’m experience some issues as well I’m afraid. I ordered my Anova Precision Cooker 2018-12-23 and the order is still under “process” and since I wanted to know why it hasn’t been shipped I contacted customer support. This was a week ago and no replies yet.