Noise issues

Hey everyone,

Just got my first anova! I have the precision cooker wifi version.

I’m on my second cook now. I want to quickly make sure that what I’m experiencing for noise is normal. When nothing is in the pot, it makes quite a lot of noise. I figured mostly just sound of water circulating. Sounds like a loud kettle. After I put something in the pot, it goes down to a quieter humming. This is repeatable: pull out the bag, noise is loud, put in the bag, noise is quiet. Is this normal? Should I be concerned?


The closer your water level is to maximum the less noise and disturbance you will get from the water.

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Bonjour depuis ma 3 ème utilisation j ai un problème de bruit récurent. J ai démonter remonter. Suivie le didacticiel sur le site d anova mais rien à faire pour enlever le bruit pendant le fonctionnement…