Poor Service

Anova used be very responsive on service. I am on my second unit - it was defective and the process I had to go through and the time it took to get a replacement authorized was a joke. And now I can’t get them to send a new one after I sent mine back - Not happy.

The real joke is the email requesting feedback - they closed the case right away after supposedly shipping the unit - SO I go back to leave negative feedback only to find out that you can’t leave feedback on a closed case. Good way to prevent any bad feedback - close the case before they have time to experience the run around!!

Case 546957

GH, Community Forum folks here can’t resolve your unhappiness as we are only orphaned users.

You might try an end run to Support with a gentle poke in the eye through the Facebook public family, #annovafoodnerd family

An employee, Cole Wagoner, has a presence there most days. The worst he can do is delete your post and the best would be to develop some goodwill and get you up and running with an Anova.

If that fails a call to their CEO in San Francisao should get you some attention.

We are always interested in knowing what works, and particularly if the call to the CEO is fruitless. So if you have any success please share the details as you likely won’t be the last disgruntled Anova user to make a Community appeal.