Precision oven died in the middle of break-in cycle

I unboxed my oven on Thursday, plugged it in, and set the rear heating element to the recommended time and temperature for the first stage of the break-in cycle. I walked away for a few minutes and when I came back, the oven was completely powered off, and it would not come back on after unplugging/replugging it in or moving outlets. There were no breakers tripped, the GFCI was not tripped, and I verified that my toaster still works in the same outlet if I move it there.

I’ve already been given a return label, but of course they won’t be able to ship a replacement until the end of October, so I figured I might as well post here and see if anyone had any additional troubleshooting tips or tricks in the meantime?

I saw that one person was able to start the oven again after some time had passed. That said I personally wouldn’t trust an appliance that is shutting off.