If i touch the button to switch from timer to probe temp I get notification that timer completed ?

Portlist, i am not an Anova oven owner, but i am a seasoned cook experienced with combi-ovens. You might have confused your oven by switching from timer-controlled to probe-controlled ccoking. Your oven may not be able to manage two different set cooking modes.

To change cooking modes, consider stopping cooking in one mode and then restart your oven in the new mode.

What does your ovens’ operating manual advise?

The owners manual is silent on the matter as it is about most matters.
I have discovered that you are essentially right. I thought switching to the probe would simply give me the temperature of the probe but what it does is switch to probe controlled cooking .and since I had not set that up it deleted the timer.
Thanks for your input. I am quite liking this oven so far. Terrific bread!

Hi Steve, i’m glad to know that other than that mode switching difficulty you experienced you like your new oven. Detailed and useful manuals are costly to produce so i am not surprised at your comment.

I wouldn’t cook without a combi-oven. I got my first, a Rational, in 1978.

As always, chatnoir’s comments are thoughtful and helpful. But to take the thread a bit farther I can add that in my several month’s experience using the Anova oven, it is not designed to allow for use of the probe and the timer at the same time. You either cook to temp or follow a time schedule. Sometimes it’s handy to do both in order to get the accuracy that can only be achieved with the probe, while gaining the instinctive knowledge related to “how long does it take this oven, at this setting, to achieve that specific temperature.” It’s easy to perform that exercise by using the oven probe and an external timer (on the “big” oven, phone, kitchen gadget timer or whatever). Since the APO can cook quite differently than our traditional ovens, it takes a while to get used to a new time schedule. I agree the manual is notably lacking in details, but there IS a lot of helpful information on this site and even more in the Anova recipes on the app. When using them, be sure to read all the comments too because that’s where cooks share varying experiences with their own circumstances. For example, there’s a huge range of results on bread! For many of us, the basic sourdough recipe requires some tweaking for time and temperature based on our dough, loaf size, etc. I’m still seeking a pattern to get the results I want for my own bread, but what definitely works is to create a “stage 1” cook based on a specific time (say 15 to 20 minutes at high temp with 100% steam) then a second stage using the probe set at 206F to 210F, no steam and lower temp (somewhere from 200F to 250F). The second stage will be from 10 to 20 minutes, but using the probe is what really works to be sure the loaf is cooked - the timing is incidental. And by the second stage the loaf is developed enough to hold the probe in place and it’s generally desirable to open the door to reduce the oven temp, let the steam out and perhaps rotate the loaf anyway, so putting in the probe at that point works well. I’m glad if you’re enjoying your APO. It’s not always an easy or even intuitive learning curve, but the app is brilliant and the whole experience can be a rewarding and therapeutic activity during these crazy times! The challenge is resisting those second helpings when the results are particularly amazing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy, is there any greater compliment to a cook than a second helping?

I appreciate your generous recognition.
Thank you.

I employ a shorter bread baking stage one at 100% steam and only for 5 minutes to set up the crust. I then let the steam dissipate slowly without opening the oven door at my finishing temperature. It’s all a matter of how thick a crust you enjoy.

After about a year using the probe to monitor internal temperature you will have enough experience to rely on your time records in your kitchen journal. It’s like training wheels, it soon becomes an annoyance with your most frequently used recipes.

For new or multiple menu items i always use the probe.

Keep well and stay safe.