Problem with anova


FIrst of all sorry my english, Im Argentinian.

I bought your product and after use only 6 times I have a problem that I tell you.

Up to yesterday work ok, but now I start the Anova with cold water (20 celcius aprox) and the clock of the machine show 20  them make it caray things show 120, them 200, them 310, them 25, them 20 again, them 150, and dont spot to show differents temperaturas.

The machine allways heat the water, but A LOT!! so much hot water.

I have a video showing that in this link.

Please I need your help to Fix the problem or to change the Anova with the warrant.

Best Regards

You need to contact ANova support (either e-mail or phone) via the support link above and get a warranty replacement.  Pretty apparent that unit is defective.