Problem with app or unit?

I am not sure if there is something wrong with my sous vide Precision Cooker, or if I am doing something wrong. It connects fine to my wireless network, and the app recognizes the sous vide. When I change the time or temp on the unit, it is properly reflected in the app, and I even received notifications on my phone and Apple Watch when the cooking time is complete or set temperature is reached. However, I cannot change the time or temp from the app. It comes up with an error. Frustrated by the app, but love the product. Thinking I may have to return this unit to where I bought it and get another one??

You should use the support link up at the top of the page. Anova employees (for the most part) don’t frequent the forum. This group is Anova customers helping Anova customers.

Myself, I haven’t seen that scenario that you’re able to pair with the device successfully, but it’s unable to actually control it. Only suggestion I would have would be to make sure you have bluetooth enabled on your phone, delete the app and re-do the initial setup.

Best of luck!