Problems with firmware update

I have a brand new Anova Premier unit. App calls for a firmware update but the update fails to complete! Anyone else having this problem?


Yes having exactly the same problem with my Anova Precision. Did you find a solution?

Did you contact support?

The support are not responsive and do nothing to resolve. £200 for a device that doesn’t work as advertised. Sending mine back. How can I trust it to be left cooking overnight unsupervised when it can’t even connect to WiFi. Not fit for purpose

same stuff here

Yes having exactly the same problem with my anova precision cooker 2019

Purchased the anova pro
It demands a update that doesn’t work
Tried to call and chat… There is NO SUPPORT
They want your money but no support
I will return the product
SCAM - don’t encourage Anova and buy any other brand

Hi @Bac_Nguyen,

These forums are pretty much populated with people who already own an Anova. Historically I’ve seen many people post that they have been very happy with their interactions with support. (I’ve never had a problem with either of my APC’s so I’ve never needed to contact support myself.)

Did you try any other support option? Web? Email?

The support email is

They also have a web submission option that can be found on this page:

Even if you’ve returned the Anova I highly recommend you still look into cooking sous vide. You can prepare some things using sous vide that you just can’t easily duplicate with any other method.

Best of luck.