Push Notification on iOS not working?

I’ve been trying to figure out why the Anova isn’t telling me when it’s up to temperature, ready to cook, or finished cooking on iOS via push notification - the only way I can check is if I look at the app manually (kind-of not the point of the thing).

I’ve ensured that all notifications are allowed from the app in iOS Settings and in the app itself I have enabled push notifications. In addition to this, i’ve reinstalled the app, disabled and re-enabled all notifications.

Does this feature exist or am I expecting it to do something it isn’t meant to do?

Yes, you’re supposed to receive notifications. Has this always been an issue for you? Has the issue just started?

I only got the device today, but so far no dice with the notifications at all… using latest version of the iOS app.

Could you possibly screenshot the controller in the app and drop it here? Or you can DM me if you want.

@AlyssaWOAH unsure what you meant by the controller - so I’ve just screenshotted both sections.

Apparently, i can only post one at a time because I’m new.

Do you have the Bluetooth or the Wifi APC? (if the bluetooth version, then you won’t get any notifications when your phone is out of bluetooth range of the APC).

Also double-check your Notifications for the Anova app under Settings, Notifications, Anova - all of mine are enabled.

Are you sure that your APC’s been setup correctly on your wifi network? (quick way to verify is to turn the bluetooth off on your phone - if the app’s still connected to the APC, then you’re over wifi).

It’s the WiFi model, can confirm it works in both Bluetooth and WiFi modes, as well as on cellular when out of the house but the device is joined to my WiFi.

Only thing not working is push notifications.

Can confirm my notification settings match yours.


Hmm. Just tested the timer notification and it didn’t work (set a 5 minute timer on my existing cook).

Version of the app is 2.7.0.

I’m actually running the iOS beta - 11.3 - public beta 2 (bundle 15E5178f)

I’ll try testing a couple of the other notifications.

Oho! I’m not signed into the Anova cloud…see if that’s it.

Also turned off my wifi and bluetooth on my phone - should be able to get the notification over cellular.

@AlyssaWOAH Hmm. Any other reports of notifications not working?

After signing in, in the app to Anova’s cloud, it made no difference to push notifications.

Didn’t receive the most recent timer one. I also let my bath cool down a few degrees, then resume - no notification for that either.

@fischersd @Mutant_Tractor

Hey guys, I actually just got finished talking to my team about this. Unfortunately, there’s a bug that’s affecting notifications, but the team is fully aware of it and they are currently working on getting that fixed.

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Hi there, does that bug include the possibility of getting constant repeated notifications that aren’t accurate?

No, that might be something different. I can let our team know. What kind of phone device are you using? BT or Wi-Fi? Which notifications are being repeated?

At lead you’re able to connect to WiFi. Mine refuses…super frustrating.

Hey donmonaco! If you’ve gone through the information in the troubleshooting guide, then you really should contact support to get them to give you a hand getting your wifi sorted out. Both phone and e-mail for support are in the Contact Us section on the troubleshooting page.

Just get the Nano Anova and the push notifications arent working I have an IOS phone. What i am doing wrong?

Hi, could you advise if this bug has been fixed? The timer on my app isn’t sending notifications, and my settings are correct.

Anova no longer comes to this community forum. This is just a bunch of other Anova users like you. You’d have better luck emailing them directly.

Thanks so much for letting me know, Brian - you’ve saved me some (more) aggravation lol.