Rising set temperatures

My Anova in the middle of cooking will adjust the set temp by itself. 

I started a 24hr pork shoulder. I set the anova to 158f and came back an hour later and notice the new set temp was 196f with my water temp was rising. This has happen multiple times. I have unplugged  the anova and unpaired the app, without any luck. Please help. 

If it’s changing the temperature all on its own, even when not paired with the app, then the unit is defective.  You need to contact support and get a replacement.

Both mine and my mothers have been having issues. Temp changed on it’s own up to 196F part way through a 24 hr cook. Mine did it twice. They are working on a fix right now I believe.

@fischersd said:
If it’s changing the temperature all on its own, even when not paired with the app, then the unit is defective.  You need to contact support and get a replacement.


Send it back.

I’ve already been down this road with the first unit I had.  Similar symptoms.  Defective unit. 


That’s nice, but the OP stated that it’s still happening after the app was unpaired.

"I have unplugged  the anova and unpaired the app, without any luck. "

Also, the OP never stated if this was a wi-fi unit or not.  My first cooker that went nuts was the bluetooth only model and I don’t even use the app as it’s totally worthless to me.   I did install it just to talk to the insane one to see if it would maybe help, it didn’t, but I got a great laugh out of the app claiming the water temp was something like -1138C (an impossible temperature as absolute zero is -273C)

This is a problem several people have been having so it may not be just the unit, it may be something to do with software.

Reddit Post 1

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I guess I am another of those folks having this problem! Today I set unit to 147F and checked it and noticed the current temp reads -17.6F and water temp is 183F after 30 minutes. Never have used Bluetooth, unit has performed flawlessly until now. Pray for me!

That may be some other type of malfunction. As far as I know everyone who has had the temperature change randomly had it change the temperature set point to a valid temperature and the machine take the water to that temperature and hold it.

I would guess it is a problem with the unit and probably needs to be returned.

I have been running a test on my Anova with the app since yesterday at 4PM. No random temperature changes yet. I am going to let it go at 140F until the morning and then increase it to 165F (where I had the original problem) and let it go another 48 hours and see if it changes. Hopefully they have fixed the problem. At the same time, maybe it is still broke and it just hasn’t done it yet, got to love intermittent problems.

Edit: The random set temperature change also only seemed to happen to wifi units (several reported the problem and mentioned they had the wifi version, the rest however did not state what model they had)

@altech6983 - are you using the Android or iOS version of the new app?

I am using Android with the new version of the app.

Also to update: it made the night with no temperature changes at 140F. I have it set at 165F now and will let it go until tomorrow at noon. Then I will post back with the results.

Just finished a 60hr test with my own temperature logger to verify. No
random temperature changes. Looks like it is fixed.


Just picked up my Anova WIFI/BT Sous Vid today. In in the process of my first meal chicken kabobs and some veggies. Just for the heck of it I checked the temperature of the water. This is WAY off. I also checked around the impeller and other areas of the bath. All showed 136~137. While I would like to have a third thermometer to verify I don’t. However, after 45 minutes I pulled the kabobs and checked the temp. They were at 135* not the 143 that it should be. Is this a possible defective unit? I do have in insulation cover for the bath on order for tomorrow. I’ll play around with this again, but temp diffs from heat bleed-off shouldn’t be that different. Should they?

It may be possible you have a defective unit. Please reach out to customer support so we can help.