Roast for 35 people?

I want to show off my new precision cooker at our Company Christmas party next Friday.

Can anyone help me on size of roast, type of roast, for 35 people? Can the PC work with that size of roast?


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I have not tried anything so adventurous. When I have smoked meats for a large group I normally allocate 0.33-0.5lbs per adult. Depending on how many other side dishes and bread there is this is normally more than enough. With a group that large it will be a challenge to pick a temperature that pleases everyone. Searing that big a roast will also require a good sized torch like a searz-all (sp). The time to cook a roast is related to the thickness. There are plenty of references online.

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Hey @Jcsieben, and great suggestion!

The device can circulate up to 5 gallons, and if you have the 900 watt version it can circulate 5.5 gallons of water.

Our friend here at Anova @ChefNicole recommended that you use a 5 gallon cooler to cook which ever roast you decide on. She also said that you would probably want to go with a smaller roast like a pork loin, calculating on the smaller end of the spectrum (0.33 lbs per person) in order to fit it all and do it with one device.

Also she recommended that you cut up the roast in 2 pieces or more so you can let the water flow between the bags.

So it is possible, but will require some careful planning!

I hope that helps!

Pork is a great idea. It does not require a heavy sear and one temperature will do for everyone. Somehow I thought beef and my mind shut off to other more suited meats. I do pork tenderloin all the time and it is one of my favorites but a loin would be great for a large group.

Ok. So how much meat will a person eat? I’m going with the 0.33lb per person for this potluck, and for 35 people, I have a 6gallon bucket, to fit the 5 gallons of water into, plus that 11 to 12 lb roast(s) will be split into 2 or 3 pieces.

Any suggestions on seasoning for this many people?


PS. I decided I will try the beef version…buy I will certainly be doing pork in the new year. Beef is still expensive, but great in Alberta!