Runaway Anova - cooker heating higher than instructed

So I have a pretty weird (and terribly unsafe) problem to report: my Anova consistently heats to a higher temperature than I’ve set. Multiple times I’ve caught it “running away” on me, just heating up and up past the set temp. Has anyone else seen that?

The last time it happened, I grabbed some photos. Check it:

and an animated gif:

I’m one of the users reporting corrosion on the temp probe, which so far I’ve been told is normal. If I had to venture a guess, I’d think these are related. The temp probe has corrosion on it, so it reports a faulty temp, and the heating element keeps on heating.

Overall I’m glad I was home when it’s happened, but it’s kinda shot my confidence in the “set it and forget it” nature of this thing.

Hi @clarklab, happy to help with this! As mentioned via Twitter, this may possibly be fixed through manual re-calibration, which will be done through our iOS app. The app is currently going through Apple’s approval process and should be available within 7-10 days, if not sooner. Otherwise, could you please submit a return request at We’ll be able to process a replacement unit this way. Please let me know if you have any additional questions - thank you!

Does it happen in a bigger pot?

@mspeleoto haven’t tried it in a larger pot recently, but I did notice it happens more frequently at higher temps. Meaning it can hold 150 just fine, but at 180 starts jumping around.

@JordanHouston Thanks! I’ll get a return request filed soon. It’s been much more than 30 days though, will I still be able to swap?

@clarklab No problem! And yes, you should be fine. Once you’ve submitted your return request, could you please shoot me a quick message to let me know for reference? Thanks!

@clarklab mine tops out at about 82C in a 4 gallon tub, maybe up the top end of it’s range it just starts to crap out a bit. In a smaller tub I could imagine it overcompensating loads, but haven’t tested it out,

@JordanHouston mine had the same problem and I shipped it back. You guys received it on Friday. How long does the turn around take? I really want to use it!

@clarklab mine did something similar. I had it set for 55C. The alarm sounded while it still said 55C. I stopped it and checked the temp with something else and it had gone up to over 200F. It ruined my short ribs. Luckily, I was home too and heard the alarm.

@greenmonk Can you send me a message with your support ticket number so I can take a look? Thanks!