Saving Personal Recipe with App on phone

How do I save the settings for my own personal recipe on my phone?

I don’t think you can. As I understand it the app has always been very limiting. Maybe we’ll get access to the API someday so people can start building better apps themselves (pretty please!).

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Me, I use Paprika (they have their own cloud, so sync’s my recipes between my iPhone, iPad and Mac) - they also have Android and Windows versions of the app.
They also have a calendar function - if you use it to map out your meals, it’ll create your grocery list for you. :slight_smile:
Has a fantastic function to import recipes from the web as well as e-mail individual ones to friends.

I typed up all of my Mom’s recipe cards and shared them with my Dad and Sister by doing exports and importing them on their Mac’s (they also have the app of course).

And, of course, I have a category for Sous Vide. :slight_smile:

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It depends on if you are using andriod, IOS, and the Wifi or the bluetooth app. Which are you using?

Thanks for the response. Android.

Hmmmm… I shall look into it. Thanks Steve. Cheers

Okay, I think that isn’t in the app yet, but I will pass on the feedback to the app team :slight_smile:

Thank you HunterC. It will be then a quick click rather than having to refer to personal notes.

On a different matter, but a real annoyance, is when the device beeps on low water level. Currently to stop the aural warning by pressing the ‘play’ button it restarts the time from the original value. With that press after the water is refilled (with the level confirmed by the device) and when the set temperature is attained, the timer should resume from before the detected condition. Perhaps a short press resumes and a long press restarts the timing.

Season greetings.

That is some good feedback, I will definitely pass that along :slight_smile: