Scroll wheel malfunctioning

Howdy, my anova PC’s wheel is getting squirrely. It’s hard to get it to any particular temperature because it keeps jumping up and down. Is there a way to fix this myself?


Hey!!! :blush: I’m not sure how to fix that, but can help!

I have the exact same problem. But now it’s stuck on 211.5F and won’t change at all.

I’d definitely hit up customer support so they can help with that! @Axe

I have the same problem…

Dois, just users like you here at COMMUNITY…


So… I’ve just tried to scheme through all the methods available to fix this problem and it all pointed out to support… And so that’s what I did and I did emphasise on how could I get it fixed in that mail. Guess what? The first reply was for my order number. The second was to throw them off any liability for replacing me one. Come one, mine is a 3 years old Anova!! All I needed to know is how or where to get it fixed!!! Fast response as usual from Anova but this time it’s a lil bit too unprofessional…

Oh yea… And throw in some discounts for me to get a new one… Thumbs up Anova