Second Anova Circulator - $100 Off

I have truly enjoyed cooking sous vide since I got my Anova circulator. Saw this on Facebook (actually a friend who is a brewer saw it) $100 off resulted in $99 being charged:
Anova One Blowout! Get $100 off the original Anova One for a limited time only with code ANOVAONE

I was faced with a dilemma; how do I cook steak and vegetables sous vide and have them ready at the same time. I have been cooking in stages but this is too time consuming. So today I solved my problem and ordered a Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator - 120V Circulator Cooker to go along with my Precision Cooker. This will also solve the problem of how to make poached eggs when a brisket is cooking.

I have been wanting to try beef tenderloin but have not gotten around to it. A whole one here costs about $50 so I will cut it  into 1.5 inch steaks and freeze them 2 to a vacuum bag.


Is anyone still able to get the promo code to work? In the link above it says it is valid until 6/12/15 but when I try it in Amazon it says the promo code has expired.

I saw on Facebook that the response was far greater than anticipated and that most of the 110V units were sold. These were the original models so there are no more when the stock is gone. I was lucky my bosses wife saw the sale referenced on a brewing site and he got one and told me about it early yesterday morning.

The Fathers’ Day sale is still a great deal and I was almost ready to get another Precision Cooker before this sale appeared.

Im thankful I snagged one. I am waiting on another brand I ordered but it wont be here for awhile. But I needed one now. I am so excited.