second anova sous vide how to connect to phone already paired to first device

I am looking at getting a second wifi cooker, I current have the first wifi one and we love it so much that we want to get a second for our veggies. how do I go about doing that. we can cook our meats using the cooker, but we still end up waiting an 30-45 mins to or more when we cook our veggies. How can we have 2 wifi units connect to one phone app? Is it possible? currently I have the app and cooker on my phone can I connect a second? Or will we have to use my wife’s phone?


AFAIK, it’s only one SV cooker per app/device at the present time.

For your second unit by the non-wifi version. It is less expensive. You can use your timer on your phone to track the run times. Sure, you will not be able to see the actual run temp if you have it running while away from home but that is really only a minor inconvenience.

One of the best things about the Anova is it works perfectly well without being connected to a phone. I have other sous vide devices that are required to be connected. They are not reliable because they rely on connectivity. Phone apps Wifi and the like are not entirely reliable. To many links in the chain to go wrong. My point is that the Anova is reliable because all we really have to do is plug it in, dial in the temp and set a timer and it works without the gimmicks of phone apps and other technology. Those gimmicks are nice when they work but even nicer when they aren’t required to operate.

@flugo328, We are working on implementing support for multiple cookers in the app. However, that won’t be available until later this year. In the meantime you would have to use a second phone (such as your wife’s) to connect to a second cooker or follow @DeepSeaSousVide’s advice to buy a bluetooth cooker and set a timer on your phone.

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Hi NateAnova,

Did Anova update the App so we can connect 2 Wifi units at same time using 1 phone? You mentioned in June 2017 this would be available later in 2017.

If still not available, when is the new expected date for this update? Thanks!


The functionality is planned for release with the Nano.

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Hi @Taz71 & @Ember, yes, we plan for this functionality to be available with the Nano. Nano was originally planned to be released for the 2017 holidays but we had a production delay that meant releasing the Nano later this spring.

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I’m also looking for this functionality. I have one WiFi and one Bluetooth device and would like to be able to monitor and control both on a single iOS device.

Any news on this? I’ve just bought my 2nd Anova (wifi), would it mean I can’t use it with my phone? (And I have to find a wife with a phone first?) :blush:

@hihipto Right now the app can only control one cooker at a time. The multicook feature (where you can control multiple devices with one app)…the latest info for that is here.

Still no word on when this functionality will be added? Kinda ridiculous we’re having to wait this long.

Hey, have you taken a look at our latest update regarding this feature? As mentioned above, you can find that here. But tl;dr, it has been delayed until this October.

I was able to connect 2 wifi anovas in one phone using dual app feature

How ?

We still don’t have a solution…
From Jun 17…

Good job

Dec 2019… still no solution

Any chance this is actually being done? Dec 2021 now…

It’s been done for most of this year!

I have a brand new precision and one a few years old. Both are WiFi enabled. How do I connect to both? I have the Anova app on android phone.