Setting the time changes C to F on the unit

I have had my unit for about 2 hours.  It shows to change from C to F you hold down the start button for 3 seconds.  When you do this it toggles from C to F or F to C.  This is expected.

When you want to set the time you hold the start button for 8 seconds.  After the first 3 second of holding the button it toggles from C to F or F to C.  If you keep holding the button another 5 seconds it will show the clock icon that you can press to change the time.

Every time you set the clock it toggles from C to F or F to C and you have to change it back.  This seems like a major flaw.  I would be glad to take video and post it.

No video needed…we’ve all seen this. Yes, a very inconvenient flaw in usability, but not in manufacturing execution…it is working as designed and specified. There are several threads and posts about how cumbersome this silly process is for just setting the timer, let alone how doing so also toggles the temperature scale. Here’s hoping the next cooker iteration has more user input in the interface design.

I have found that my Thermoworks Timestick that hangs from my neck on a lanyard is the most convenient thing for timing meals. With longer cooking times and no user intervention required I often am away from the kitchen during the cooking time. If the timer on the unit went off I would not hear it. Bluetooth is also problematic as I am often out of range and often I rarely carry a phone while at home. The price on their site is a bit higher that what I paid. If I recall I got it for less than $20 on sale.

I just bought this unit and I figured the simplest function would be setting the temp and time. I could not figure out why it was screwing up every time. Did anyone test this before it shipped? That is a big flaw.

The simplest fix would be to make you hold down the button for 3 seconds to get the clock icon. If you hold it for 8 seconds it should toggles C to F or F to C.

What I would do is change the firmware so the clock icon always shows. When you press it you can changes between set temp and set time. If you want to toggle C to F and F to C you hold the start button down for 3 seconds. Far more intuitive then the way it works now. I would also make it so if you hold the clock icon down for 3 seconds it toggles between time and temp every 4 seconds. If you press it once it toggles and keeps the current setting (current temp or current time).

Set the temperature on the unit and hit start. Then tap your android smartphone and say “ok google set alarm one hour”. 

I agree that there are somethings about the APC that could be better, But please bear in mind it’s Version 1.0.

Sounds like a good solution. I have a better one. Do not purchase this item and go to a restaurant and pay someone else to cook your food. Both your idea and mine fix the issue.

I am shocked they shipped this product with its only function is to set the temp and time to cook food. Major fail in my book.
No one tested it before it was released.

Actually the smartphone solution is the best one because then you get your alarm wherever you are, instead of needing to be in the same room as the Anova. It’s such a simple and useful solution that I’ve not once used the timer on the APC. I wasn’t even aware there was an issue with the built-in timer until someone here said about it. So why not take a deep breath and use the best method?

Hey @Judgeless - We’ve taken a ton of user feedback into v2.0 - If you like, I can forward this thread to our engineering team for the next iteration.

Let me know!

Setting the
cook time should have been addressed in version .01 not 2.0.  This devices
cooks food at a perfect temperature for a certain amount of time. It fails
at that.

Will there
be firmware upgrade or should I just return it and wait for a new unit that works as advertised?

@Judgeless We have a 30 day money-back guarantee - You’re welcome to return the device if it doesn’t suit your needs or wants. 

Let me know and I can help expedite the process for you if you’d like 

I don’t think Anova figured on the timer function being all that important of a feature because it really isn’t very important. People who are used to cooking food by more conventional means get hung up on cooking time because if you leave something in the 350°F oven for a few minutes too long then dinner can be ruined. With sous vide, if you leave your steak in the water bath at 131°F for 15 minutes extra then who cares, it is still the correct temperature. There are exceptions to that of course (eggs being a big one) but it is generally true.

I’m not trying to take away from the fact that the timer interface was poorly designed for the Anova Precision Cooker, I’m just trying to convey how little the timer really matters.

@elangomatt said:
I don’t think Anova figured on the timer function being all that important of a feature because it really isn’t very important.

Then why does every recipe list those two key factors.  Time to cook the item and the temperature.  The unit cooks an item at a preset temperature for a preset time.  Anova screwed up the ‘time’ part.  The solution is use a separate timer or return the item and wait for ver 2.0.

@Bill said:
Judgeless We have a 30 day money-back guarantee - You’re welcome to return the device if it doesn’t suit your needs or wants. 

@Bill , That’s a rather passive-douchey non-answer to a customer taking time to come here and even post a video about a brutally obvious, very poorly designed aspect of the machine. 

No reply whatsoever on why basic functionality is burdened with such an implementation so incredibly dumb that it comes across as a bug

It’s not even explained in the little booklet with the machine - itself extremely poor. It’s like no one even checked it before going out tho I assume people did. 

But seriously, was it truly deliberately designed that way? And then tested by newbies and no one thought that it wacky? 

Is there a fix for this yet or what?