Shrimp + Grits w/ Sous Vide Egg

Anson Mills Blue Grits with seared shrimp, bacon, green onion, and tomato topped with a BEAUTIFUL 167F/13 minute egg. I usually go 145/1 hour but I like this better. The whites from the 145F aren’t quite set enough and require a quick dunk in boiling water. The 167/13 is perfect all around.

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The blue grits sure look pretty. Am I right in guessing they are a milled blue corn? (Non-American here)

They are! So delicious. Anson Mills is an heirloom grain supplier based out of South Carolina. What they do is remarkable!

I’ll have to try grits sometime.

Another great presentation. The grits look great. I like the plate it is served on as well.

They’re great! Make sure to get “real” ones and not instant. They are a blank canvas. You can stir in herbs, cheese, etc. You can cook them in stock or dairy. So versatile!

Thanks! I got the plates from a local universities ceramics class. I love them.