Sous Vide Pro worth the upgrade?

So i’ve had my trusty anova circulator (original 800W kickstarter version) since the beginning and it has worked well for the most part.

Now that the Pro is on Black Friday sale, I’m wondering if it would be worth the upgrade. I’ve no real major complaints with my circulator, but I’ve noticed that it does struggle a bit keeping higher temperatures when I’m cooking vegetables (even when i’m using my small 12QT cambro box w/ a custom lid as a cooking vessel). I find that I often have to top it off with a bit of boiling water to help it “get over the hump”

I was hoping that making the jump from 800W to 1200W might make a difference. Thoughts?

Well @WufPup, I don’t have one of the new Pro units, but I do have the previous WiFi version, purchased 2 years ago, and a Nano purchased last year. Personally I think having 2 APC’s available to cook different items at the same time would make the purchase of a second machine worthwhile. (Thus, my 2 APC’s! :slight_smile: ) And if your original unit is working hard at those higher temps then the more powerful heating element on the new cooker should also be of benefit. (I’d also recommend getting an insulated container to cook in if you have not done so already. It might help extend the life of your original APC even more. The Coleman 24 Can has worked well for me.)
Best of luck!

Just bought one with the current sales discounts for the reasons Mike mentionned

It is not worth the upgrade. I own one as well as the original anova + wifi. Connectivity with the app is laughable at best and Multi Cooks is a fairytale that’s nowhere in sight.