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Not sure if I picked the right category or not…
I’ve come across a few recipes, one in particular that I loved for some ribs… that required you to grind a bunch of spices together to make the rub & to add to the homemade bbq sauce…
I ended up cutting open a pepper mill to grind my spices. It worked well, but I was there for almost an hour twisting this pepper mill to grind my spices… (the recipe is amazing & the ribs turned out fabulous)
My question is… what are you all using for grinding spices… google search keeps bringing up the Krups coffee/spice grinder, which is 2 stratight blades. I do have a mini processor, but i’ve tried it with pepper corns & it did not work at all.
There are some other options with the burr style grinders… and the basic mortar & pestle…
Just curious what is best out there for under 100$

You can get a cheap electric non-burr coffee mill for fairly tiny price. Other options would be an add on for a stick blender if you have one.

Here’s one for USD 14.99

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I use a 2 fixed blade coffee grinder. It does not give you the option of having a set size for the grind, but it works well enough for me. I’ve seen fools use a burr coffee grinder as well, but it wasn’t cost effective for me to pick up another burr grinder, and i wasn’t going to use the one i use for coffee in my spices.

I use mortar and pestle. Nothing against using an electric grinder, it’s just I’ve always had a mortar and pestle and have never gotten around to looking into getting an electric or manual grinder. I think this means that I’m so lazy that I have to work hard when it comes time to grind up spices! :slight_smile:

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I’m with you on using a cheap coffee grinder. I two–one for coffee and the other set aside for spices (big labels on each!!). Periodically I grind a tablespoon or so of rice to clean it after grinding particularly pungent spices.

That’s pretty much what I was looking at, but a Krups brand… seems to be the #1 hit with google search. It’s just strange cause I have a small 2 cup size processor with 2 blades & it does nothing to pepper corns…
Another friend mentioned the Bullet… which i have & totally forgot about, so I may try that. Thanks for the input! Appreciated!

I’ve gotten that suggestion a lot from other friends… but i’d need a pretty big one to handle a 1 1/2 cups of spices, plus i’m back to manual labor LOL… If it was a smaller amount of spices, i’d probably go that way! Thank you for your input! I may still consider getting one

Thanks for the input, I just wasn’t sure if blades would be better than burrs… but seems everyone is using coffee grinders. I may try my magic bullet (i totally forgot i had that)

Thanks, this seems to be the majority of the vote. I appreciate the input.

I wouldn’t say it’s better, just cheaper and more convenient. If I had the option to have an electric burr grinder for spices, I definitely would, it’s just not an option for me at the present.

I have a stainless steel ‘coffee mill’ that came with my blender. 4 blade rather than 2. I use it all the time to chop up herbs and spices for bacon curing. I learned early on not to throw the garlic cloves in there, but it handles other fresh herbs no problem at all. Garlic is just a bit too wet.

lilmikey.ab - For my needs, the Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder is very efficient. It currently sells at 53% off on amazon.com (June 10, 2018). See their video…

lilmikey.ab - If you decide on a coffee grinder instead of the Cuisinart SG-10, make sure you find one with opposite “S” blade ends. They will do a good job on small volumes, but they are not very good with harder ingredients like cinnamon sticks, nuts, or pepper, etc. Besides, their chamber is usually very small. “S” blades are more efficient than straight flat blades.

I suggest you try a Goodwill Store or similar. I have found several new, in the box, coffee grinders at my local store. It seems like it’s a nice gift, but many people have no use for them! Worth a look!

We use a spice grinder from Cuisinart. Works well. It is a tad different than their look alike coffee grinder. https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/cuisinart-reg-spice-and-nut-grinder/1016638935

I’ve tried my magic bullet blender with the 2 blades that are sharp. Seemed to work better than the 4 blade. I’m happy with the results. Thanks for all the replies

Totally agree, it’s more than enough here! I’d prefer manual grinders finally, like Fumao(full review here). It’s the unforgettable pleasure of flavoring when you grind the spices by hand, nothing compares to