Steak Frites! 20oz Ribeye

Steak cooked 129F/2 hours after seasoning with Meat Church Holy Cow. Seared in canola oil. Simple and perfect!

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Meat Church Holy Cow? This sounds like random words thrown together. I gather Holy Cow is the ‘flavour’ and Meat Church the brand. But, is it any wonder we all think you 'Murricans talk funny? :wink:


I have a ribeye in the fridge that’s been calling to me over the last few days - now you have me salivating - think I’ll have to have it tonight. :slight_smile: I’m partial to Hy’s steakhouse seasoning salt myself (first a liberal application of garlic powder). :slight_smile:
For those in Canada:

For those interested in the Holy Cow that Cole uses:

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Haha! You are correct. Meat Church is a popular BBQ/Steak seasoning company based out of Texas, and Holy Cow is this particular rub

Do it! Post the results. Enjoy!