Stopped measuring temperature


My anova unit stopped (crashed) reporting the right temperature it was stuck at the target temperature (72c) however i could feel the water was not that warm and the bath not giving off enough water vapor, so i figured something was wrong, i powered the unit off and on again and it responded the real temperature 46C. I am kinda worried now if the unit will do that again. I don’t think my cook is ruined since the meat has been doing 72C for 8 hours before this issue occured so i simply set it to run again.

Any ideas?

@Magnus I’m so sorry to hear this – sounds like you need a replacement. Could you contact our support team at Our team will get you a new device so you can get back to cooking sous vide ASAP!

This happened to me once, I unplugged and restarted it all is well. I have used mine 4 times since and it has not happened again.

@bigfish3 Will you let me know if it does happen again? We don’t want you to have to worry about it occurring during a cook when you’re not around to catch it so if you do want to have the unit replaced, please feel free to shoot a note to our support team to let them know the issue. You should be able to set it and forget it with no worries :slight_smile:

Just experienced something similar, only instead of not achieving a target temperature, the unit’s temperature sensor froze at a temp below the target temp (target temp 140, froze at 129.4). This resulted in the heating element remaining on full blast, presumably valiantly trying to achieve 140F. Using a basic dial thermometer we measured a temperature >40degF ABOVE our target temp of 140. Pulling the plug, and plugging the cooker back in “fixed” the issue, and it came up with a reading of ~185degF. The meal was edible, at least.