Support up and disappeared

Love my anova cooker, but had the smell issue others have had. I’m not really sensitive to that stuff like others but it really did smell. Instead of returning for exchange to Amazon I contacted anova. Sure wish I didn’t. Rep said you would exchange and sent me a label and new one would be on the way when mine was confirmed sent via Fedex. Sent it right out and emailed the confirmation back to the rep. Haven’t heard a thing since and it has been over a week. Got two emails from the system asking if I was satisfied and I repeated the shipping confirmation, still nothing. Amazon would have had a new one to me within 12 hours…

I was thinking about upgrading to a wifi, but I just want to get a unit that works and doesn’t smell now.

I am having similar issues with the support. I have issues with my display not working only after 5 months of ownership. I made contact with support and about 3 days later received a response requesting further info. Like you, I actioned this immediately and after a week have had zero response from Customer Support which is a little disappointing.

Hopefully this is just a temporary delay in their system and they return to provide customer support in a timely manner soon.

@jeeden @chrisr what were your ticket numbers? I can look into it.

My ticket number (I assume, it is the number in the subject of the support emails) is: #303477

My ticket number is 302969. Thank you for following this up!

@jeeden thanks! Looks like Lorenz recently followed up with you and got the replacement request processed. Wohooo! If you have any other questions for Lorenz, you can just reply to him. :slight_smile:

@chrisr Ahhh thanks for your patience! I just pinged our Customer Success Manager + Jona so we can get things moving ASAP!

Thanks for the help.

Thank you Alyssa, it looks like things are progressing. I look forward to using the APC again very soon.

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