Temp Stuck 0.0° 32f

I have used my cooker regularly and think its great ,Now after 9 months its stuck on 0.0° and water temp keeps rising past 60°
set temp.
I have read some about using open pots but I’ve always used a lid to stop evaperation
Is there a quick fix for this as I’m in the middle of a cook joint of beef and don’t know how to
finsh it

Contact support. They will be able to assist.

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Hi i contacted support and recieved this
Thanks for your email and I’m sorry to hear about this issue.

Sometimes temperature issues are caused by calcium build up or corrosion on the part of the device that touches the water. Please check if the heating element, probe, and impeller are all clean.

If the issue will persist, please let me know.

I was surprised at response as a quick google search gave me pages of people with same problem
I replied straight away explaining problem was persisting and no response. I replied again 3 hours
later and now we are into another day without any joy or response

Support has been following up on your ticket. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please note them there. Responses may take a few hours, but we will take care of it.

:smiley:Replacing unit thanks.

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Seems that they have not fixed a possible inherent flaw in the device.
Ordered one on the advice of a friend.
Originally order Placed on 29 September 2019
Only received the cooker on 5 November 2019.

First Run!

Current temp: 0.0
Water = to hot to touch side of container.

Once a more peaceful trade relationship is established with China there should be a return to the previous high quality of Anove components.

Contact Support. They’ll be able to sort you out with a new device.

Stuck at 32°

I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve only use this unit 10 times, worked perfect last week. Have six guest for dinner and the unit goes kaput!!, very disappointing. Support seems to be non existent, they are too busy selling new products at CES to support their current customers.