Temperature display/thermometer issue

I’ve had my Precision long enough now to use it 5 or 6 times, and generally been pretty happy with it. However, it seems to be having an odd issue, usually during the initial heat-up - I’ll set it for a particular temperature, and when it hits the target, sometimes it keeps on going (at least 0.3-0.4 more, haven’t let it go higher).

Then, when I shut the heater off, the display suddenly shows that it’s even higher above the target temp, usually a degree or two. Leaving it in the water, unplugging it, plugging it back in, waiting for it to show below the target temp, then restarting the heater seems to get it to “sync”, although sometimes it takes another cycle of the same.

Is this some weird calibration issue with the thermometer, or some kind of hardware issue with the display/something else?

@Snowflare‌ Sorry for the trouble. Is the unit still giving you issues? If so, please submit a return request here: http://anovaculinary.com/pages/returns