Temperature is ok

when tempreature gets to the point, does the cooking start by itself ?
and will it stop by itself when time is due ?

Usually, when the temperature gets up to where you want it, is when you would drop your food into the water vessel. Which implies the cooking “starts” when you put your food in the vessel. If your question is “does the timer start when the water reaches the desired temp”, that I don’t know. I haven’t really used the timer yet.

Hi @ronanova! Welcome to community! If you are connected to the device via the app what will happen is that you will get a notification telling you that the water has been heated to your desired temperature, and then you will be prompted to put your food in the water, and then it will you can press “start cook” and it will begin to count down the time for you if you are doing from a recipe in the app.

Similar process if you are not using a recipe, the only difference being that you manually set the time/temp in the app.

Hope that helps!