Temperature keeps raising

Hi, no matter the temperature I set on the SV, the temperature keeps rising until 211F. What should do? I tested the temperature with a thermometer and it is accurate, it really reaches that temperature. Please help. Thanks!

For the best help available contact SUPPORT.

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Your Anova presents signs of thermostat or controler failure.
More details would be helpful.

Is it a new machine?
Was it recently operating satisfactorily?
Was it used for a high temperature cook and a long duration?
If so, water vapour may have affected the electronic controls.

To attempt a fix, disconnect the machine, allow it to cool and dry for at least a day.
Some users with similar problems have found that by placing Anova in a sealed bag with raw rice or silica gel packs will remove the dampness in a few days.

Did your Anova fall into the water?
Then you may be beyond help.

I have exact the same problem since Christmas. I did none of the things chatnoir suggested. Just contacted customer support…

I had the same problem and it turned the temperature sensor was dirty. I was just rinsing the unit under the tap and never opened the metal casing. After cleaning the sensor it went back to normal.

HI Tomasz, how you cleaning up the sensor of your SV? I have the anova precision cook.
I have the same problem as you did. I set the temperature to cook but my SV doesn’t keep it, rising up indefinitly. Thank you for your help. Regards Marco.

Hi Marco,

you can unscrew the whole big metal cover and expose the heating element, propeller and temperature sensor. In my case, there was a bit of the dark residue on the sensor rod and I just washed it off. Apparently, this is something that needs to be done from time to time, and I would totally know it if I read the manual :slight_smile: