Temperature reads 197C all the time

Hi folks,

Been using it for more than a year…

Plug in, Temp Read @ 197C
Turn On, Temp Read @ 197C (my setting at 55C)
after 10 mins, Temp Read @ water temp and going up to my setting (55C) – Runs normal

happens several time in following months…

But Today,

Plug in, Temp Read @ 197C
Turn On, Temp Read @ 197C (my setting is 58C)
after 40 mins (and until now) still reads @ 197C

Plug, unplug, Turn On / Off, Rest it for awhile, In / Out of Water… its just stays 197C result

anyone experience this?

Bought it back in November 2017


  • I install Anova App on my phone (using a new phone)
  • Connect via Bluetooth
  • After connect, Anova App shows my Anova device is overheating and recommend call service center
  • Click OK and runs the App
  • Anova Temp read back to water temp (not 197C anymore) and now starts heating up the water to my temp setting

it should work fine and it will runs 24Hrs as i am doing some roast beef…

But this still something i want to share

thanks for reading

I think this one really needs to be referred to Support, either by phone (number on the website) or email support@anovaculinary.com.


Thanks Ember, that’s what i exactly did and less than 2 weeks, they resolve my issue completely… i am more happy to continue spreading praise of their product to my friends in addition to the service they’ve provided… :slight_smile:

We like stories that end happily.