Temperature wheel jumps around

when I attempt to change the temperature with the wheel on the front of the unit the temperature jumps around randomly. Can this be fixed?

@tsumik Would you mind sending a video? I haven’t come across this before so it would be helpful to see it. Thank you!

I have had the unit 6 weeks Performed immaculately up till now. Set temp 65. c

 The unit is jumping all over the place in tenths of a degree up to 1oc. Shifted the unit around so that it is in clear water. It is in an insulated beef cooler, so my guess is the sensor malfunction, as the temperature would not vary so quickly in real time

Just registered to say I have the same issue and support has been less than stellar. I told them that I knew my device was out of warranty but asked them if they knew of any quickfix for this issue and the only answer was: your device is out of warranty.
Yes, I KNOW.
The communication:
my device started showing exactly the same symptoms as shown in the video at https://www.reddit.com/r/sousvide/comments/jx63uh/anova_temperature_wheel_adjustment_is_jumpy/
I’m wondering if this is a known issue and if there is anything I can do about it? (note: the device is out of warranty, I’m just wondering if you know about any quick fix for this issue)
Their answer:
Thank you for contacting Anova Returns Support!
Sorry for the delays in getting back to you.

Please accept my sincerest apologies in this regard.

I’m happy to look into this for you. May I please have the below details so I can start checking your warranty options?

Anova Order#:
Full name:
Shipping Address:
Phone #

If you have purchased this outside of our website, please provide a copy of your purchase receipt.

Once I have the details, I’ll work on this.
My answer:
How is this relevant to my question, we already know, that the device is out of warranty.
Their answer:
I’m sorry to hear about your Anova unit. Upon checking further, your unit was purchased May 2016 . That said, it is no longer covered by warranty. All our products do come with _ year limited warranty like that of any other appliance/gadget.

We’re so sorry but we do not provide repair options. If you’d want to get a new cooker, we’ll be happy to give you 15% discount code towards a new purchase.

Please do let me know.

They didn’t even bother to replace the “year” placeholder. No more Anova for me then.

Hello, sorry about your experience. Unfortunately a quick fix for this does not exist, and we do not offer any repair services. All of our cookers do come with a two year warranty. Is there something additional we can help you with?

No but if you have read my initial request instead of giving me the whole “warranty” run-around it would have been sooo much easier for both of us.