Temperatures don't show on head of device

I just got my Anova and when I first plugged it in, it turned on and showed actual and target temps and heated the water. I wasn’t quite ready to begin cooking so I turned it off, Now, the blue temperature wheel lights up, and it makes a sound, but it doesn’t circulate the water and the temperature face is dark.

Any suggestions?

Contact Customer Care. They will ask a few questions and make a decision as to what is wrong with the machine. They’ll ship you a new one if yours is deemed to be faulty.

No quality control can be perfect. Follow up with us after you reach out to support. Another question is whether your unit is still usable over Bluetooth.

I couldn’t get it to link to the app on my phone.

The hard part is waiting for your replacement. Especially when the rest of us are talking about our cooks.

So, I submitted requested information about my purchase more than 24 hours ago and still haven’t heard from the company. Nope, I’m not happy.

Hey Melissa. Sorry for our delayed response - we’re slammed with inquiries for the holiday, but we’re getting through them as quickly as we can! Appreciate your patience. Cristy followed up on your ticket earlier this morning. Be sure to let her know if you have any additional questions or concerns, she’ll be able to help you out.