The app is inconsistent with its notifications & won't let me set the timer

So I own and have used my Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker (WiFi + Bluetooth 900W) since 2018 and up until the last year or more the app has been flawless. Specifically I would get notifications of things like the water hitting temp when it happens, I could set the timer on the app and it would sync up to the cooker and when the timer was finished I would get a notification.

Now however, using it even right now, the timer won’t sync from the app to my cooker and when the cooker has preheated the water to the temp I set, I don’t consistently get a notification. If the app isn’t 100% reliable then it is useless and I’m forced to set it up manually and set use the timer on my clock app. Not the end of the world but again, it makes the app pointless.

The cooker and my Android Pixel are both on the same Wifi with strong signal strengths, I have disconnected the cooker and reconnected it in the app to no change. What other troubleshooting options do I have? The fact it used to work flawlessly on my same phone, on my same WiFi, in the same location (aka nothing has changed these past 4 years) leads me to believe it’s not on my end but that the app has had a drop off in quality resulting in basic functions being broken. I hope not though.

So sorry about that. Our tech support team can help. Please email and we’ll get you back connected ASAP.