The unit beep 3 times

HI, I have this problem, I plug then start, after 2 o 3 seconds the unit turn off and beep 3 time, please see the video below, is any one can fix this kind of problem please let me konw!


Hi! Mine arrive yesterday, and does the exact same problem, do you found any solution? Thanks

not yet unfortunately

Excellent idea to include a video!
While I don’t have the same model so I’m not sure how they display a “low water” condition, if I were you I’d fill the container up much closer to the rim and see if that makes a difference. My Nano has to be pretty close to the top before it will stay on. (One reason I still favor my older “WiFi” model, even though I don’t bother using the WiFi anymore, is that the mount is "height adjustable!)

Good luck!

Thanks Miroze for the suggestion, it is not a water level problem, I just do what you told and it keeps happening. :frowning_face:

I’m very sad about this, I’m from Argentina, I had it brought by DHL, so sending it under warranty is not an option … I’m talking to technical support, I hope they can give me a solution.

si no tienes el recibo original y el aparato es usado, no te van a dar respuesta, ya lo intente, y no me solucionaron nada…

Tengo la factura de compra, el aparato es nuevo, así que quizás tengo mas suerte. Te mantengo al tanto si me dan alguna solución.