Timer Keeps Stopping

Loving my new device but the iPhone application sucks!!! I setup a cook for say a London Broil, 133 degrees for about 12 hours. Temp works fine and the timer sets and the cooking starts after preheating. Ten minutes later the app tells me the cooking is done and I can eat when I want. I have read that the timer doesn’t shut things down which is weird but I can live with it. What I don’t understand is why a simple timer function doesn’t work? I created a functioning timer app using IBM Basic in college in 1982 for goodness sake. How can this not work in an application in 2018!!!



It’s a known bug and the team is currently fixing the issue.

I just want to let you guys know that this also happens on the Wifi model as well. App sends notification that the cooking is done, app reads the current temperature, but has blank info on timer. If I visit the device (anova), I can see the timer ticking.

Reading around here, it seems to be a known bug, and it doesnt actually stop the cooking if I understand it correctly, but still a very odd/bad first behavior on my first cooking with the device… I worry if my 24h cooking will stop while sleeping or away at work when I cannot observe it.

Maybe make a sticky, leaving a note that you are currently investigating the issue and is working on a issue. As the forums here seems to have quite a few threads about it, even dating months back. :frowning: