Timer starts during warm up on a programmed cook

I have not used my ANOVA for quite some time as I have been travelling since May 2019 and have recently returned.

When setting up a cook, two really nice 5cm thick bone in Ribeyes, I noticed that the timer started to count done as soon as i turned on my Bluetooth ANOVA instead of when it reached the required temp.

Is this a known issue with the app?

Secondly I do find it a little annoying that in a lot of the recipes in the app give weights for meat instead of thickness. Not a big deal but makes it a longer process to look up cook times for thickness for the type of meat/cut you are cooking. (unless I’m missing something?)


Welcome back! Yeah, the app isn’t very useful. Most people use timers or calendars (for longer cooks) in their phones. It has the added advantage of reminding you when there’s something in the bath, so you don’t book conflicting dinner plans.
Don’t hold your breath for changes to the software either - unless there’s a radical change at Anova, they simply aren’t allocating the necessary resources to make their app features robust…it’s always been this way.

Oh…and remember - the community / forum is predominantly all Anova customers - if you want to give the company feedback, I’d suggest e-mailing them at support@anovaculinary.com

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