Timer, temp issue

I received my unit 7 days ago. I have yet to figure out how to set the temp. My unit defaults to timer and will not set to temp. I also have not been able to get my Iphone to see the unit in pairing mode. Consequently, I have yet been able to use it. I contacted Anova for tech support without a response in 7 days. Thoughts?

Set the temp with the wheel at the front of the unit under the display.

Unless you are trying to switch between F and C. That has something to do with holding down the start button but I’ve never had to do that myself.

It won’t connect to your phone with out the app. At last report the iPhone app is expected in the next few week and the Andriod and Windows apps to follow. But if you can set the temp and hit start, you don’t need it to cook.

Thank you KEddings for your response. Do you know how to actually set it temp from timer? I’m frustrated, because I thing it is user error. And, I purchased food, vacuum packer, and a torch for the long awaited arrival, and can’t use it.

You can download the manual here:

Change between F and C by holding down the Play/Start button for 3 seconds.
Change cooking temperature with the scroll wheel.
Holding Play/Start for 8 seconds will enable the timer then holding the timer icon for 3 seconds allows use of the scroll wheel to set the time.

If you are stuck in timer set mode and can’t set temp because the scroll wheel is setting time instead try hitting the timer icon again. I’m really not sure as I’ve never actually set the time, only glanced at the instructions.

Thanking you again KEddings! I think I’ve got it!