Turn off at end of timer

I feel it’s purely “developer arrogance”. As in “our way or the highway”.

Despite a lot of people wanting this changed they fall back on their same reasons and even advise that “they have surveyed users and they don’t want it”. Pure fiction I feel. I know no one either here or in any of the facebook groups that have been surveyed.


This “can’t stop after timer end” issue definitely hold me from buying, please give user an option.

Pity - I am at a loss to understand why.
The element preparation instructions for the new oven are ambiguous.
It is stated
" set the oven to 180 c using REAR HEATING ELEMENT for 15 minutes and press start"
Why set it for 15 minutes if it’s not going to turn off!!
Confusion from the very get go., leading me to believe the oven actually had an active timer function.
The instructions should read "set the oven to 180C and TIME for 15 minutes once 180c has been reached. Turn oven off.
I have two small regular ovens. Both work on a timer.
It is a function I rely on, as I am sure, do many cooks.
I’ve watched Master Chef …:wink: