Turn off at end of timer

I feel it’s purely “developer arrogance”. As in “our way or the highway”.

Despite a lot of people wanting this changed they fall back on their same reasons and even advise that “they have surveyed users and they don’t want it”. Pure fiction I feel. I know no one either here or in any of the facebook groups that have been surveyed.


This “can’t stop after timer end” issue definitely hold me from buying, please give user an option.

Pity - I am at a loss to understand why.
The element preparation instructions for the new oven are ambiguous.
It is stated
" set the oven to 180 c using REAR HEATING ELEMENT for 15 minutes and press start"
Why set it for 15 minutes if it’s not going to turn off!!
Confusion from the very get go., leading me to believe the oven actually had an active timer function.
The instructions should read "set the oven to 180C and TIME for 15 minutes once 180c has been reached. Turn oven off.
I have two small regular ovens. Both work on a timer.
It is a function I rely on, as I am sure, do many cooks.
I’ve watched Master Chef …:wink:

This is a big liability. Can you please give the users the option to automatically turn the oven off when timer is done. This is a very serious matter. I have had so many close calls! Please listen to the community. There have been so many requests begging and mention of this concern for more than a year now since the product has been released! At this point it has been a blatant negligence!

Do we need to all form a group list and submit a complaint to the better business bureau and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission?

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It’s now Oct 6th 2022 (Australia), and I’m here reading this year-old thread because I was recently gifted an APO, and was searching online “Does Anova oven turn off automatically”.

After reading this super long thread (most of it), it seems I’m like everyone else, not happy that APO doesn’t have the function to turn itself off after a set timer.

Well, I guess I won’t be recommending APO to anyone soon…

I agree. The arrogance of Anova knows no bounds.

I didn’t realise it had been that long TBH.

Similarly they haven’t given us the ability to share recipes that they promised us a year ago!

I for one don’t want the oven to shut off after the timer is finished. Anova claims that most users share that opinion. The oven does not cool of quick enough, unlike a mw oven, so if you leave your oven unattended for several hours your food would be carbon anyway. If you really want it to turn it off you can do that by adding a stage to your cook, 25C, no steam no fan bottom heater.

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I for one don’t want the oven to shut off after the timer is finished

Good for you. No on is saying that they move everyone over to a different behavior, simply that they should let the user choose how it operates.

so if you leave your oven unattended for several hours your food would be carbon anyway

Who’s talking about several hours? Please don’t use strawman arguments.

Surprises happen while people are cooking (kids have an accident, someone comes to the door, etc.). Having my food overcook slightly from residual heat is a lot better than blasting heat for those extra few minutes.

If you really want it to turn it off you can do that by adding a stage to your cook, 25C

So force the user to use the app (since you can’t control this functionality from the unit itself), even for simple cooks?

Welcome to the forum.
Always a good idea to read the whole thread before accusing someone of beeing a strawman, if you had done that you would have seen at least one person talking about hours. Someone is afraid the house will be set on fire, not likely to happen if you’re a few minutes late. Even if you turn the oven off it will not cool off significantly in a few minutes so it’s a moot point. For me the feature really lacking manual control is the fan, if you start from the handle the fan is always on at full blast.

Always a good idea to read the whole thread

You’re right - I didn’t think someone cared about a few hours. Sorry. But I think that situation also makes sense too! If I started a cook and then had to run out for an emergency or something, having it turn it off seems pretty important. Yes, other devices like traditional ovens and stove-tops have the same problem but for a smart device, why not have a solution?

will not cool off significantly in a few minutes so it’s a moot point

Naturally, it will be cooler the longer you wait. Depending on what you’re cooking, maybe that’s enough!

Often, my wife will start heating a frozen pizza or something while giving the kids a bath. The food will be done before they come back down to turn off the oven, but it will still be cooked and she expects the device to have turned off based on the timer.

Maybe I’m missing it, but what’s the argument for keeping it on indefinitely after the timer expires? The only thing anova has stated is “this is not a regular toaster oven so don’t expect it to work like that” and “this is what other combi ovens do”. Neither of these seem compelling justifications for those who prefer a different behavior.

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Obviously it won’t cool instantly, but the example I gave way back in December last year when I requested this “feature” is the bacon cooking. In that type of cooking we are blasting heat. Turning it off will still have residual heat (and initially very hot) but it does drop quite quickly. And in particular if you’re using the top element to brown turning this off will make a huge difference.

The point is moot. The developers have gone all arrogant and digging their feet in. They have even said they have conducted surveys - although no one has ever participated in one :sweat_smile:

I cannot believe this… if i would have known the timer turn off issue exists, I would not purchase the APO. The APO slogan says cook like a pro (by non-pro users), and non-pro users expect the oven turned off when timer is up.

I have the similar concerns when the cooking continues when timer is off then overcooked the foods, especially as the previous post mentioned when reheat the foods.

I researched other APO-like ovens (Japanese brands) and they are more intuitive and user friendly.

Please allow oven cooking to be turned off with app, at least.

I for one can not belive what an oversite this is. I just purchased this oven during black Friday and this discussion alone is making me consider returing it. I haven’t even opened it yet. I was excited to start cooking with steam as I bake a lot, however not having an automatic shutoff option is irresponsible. My conventional oven has an optional shutoff timer. Not only is it dangerous to have the APO remain on indefinitely, it is a huge waste of energy.

The suggestion is that it some how has to do with food safety makes no sense. If I leave food in an oven that is off and consume it many hours later and get sick, I don’t blame the oven manufacturer. In some situations I actually factor in carry over cooking when using a timer. If this oven is made for the pro home cook, then don’t treat us like novices.

And another thing…the suggested workaround to set a low temperature for cool down is illogical. First of all, you are claiming that the sealed environment will cool down more slowly, so how is setting a low temperature going to change that? It will essentially be no different that turning off the power, so why not give the user the option?

I’m seriously thinking about returning this and posting all about this on the Facebook page because I was not informed about this missing function before buying the oven and I’ve been following it for the last year on the group. This along with the beeping and all the issues I’ve read about faulty water tanks, and now the seemingly uncompromising technical support makes me very concerned that I made a mistake buying this oven.

My built-in ovens have never turned off when the timer expired. Plus there’s no app, they’ve never received an over the air update, and they each cost at least twice as much as the APO. So perhaps I came into this with different expectations…but I was super excited to see I could set the oven to keep warm as a final stage from anywhere from 75F to 165F (or, obviously, higher) and it would not only turn down the temp, it would effectively be able to operate as a warming oven – with controllable humidity – until I was ready.

For anything I sous vide, I just let it ride at the target sous vide temp until I’m ready to finish it.

It helps if you think about the other features this oven has, and how you might adapt your prior cooking approach to take advantage of that. One really stupid but basic example I have, my kid loves pop-tarts. I’m only a marginally mediocre dad in the morning, so sometimes I indulge him. I set the cycle to heat to 200F sous vide off, 20% humidity, back burner, put the pop tart in as I start the cycle (while it warms up), then as soon as it hits that low temperature, 1 minute timer, then auto move to final stage 125F 20% humidity (bottom burner, no sous vide). I’ve only had mine a couple of weeks, but I have yet to burn a pop-tart. I scorched 'em in the toaster all the time, and that had an auto-off.

While I was posting this, I used the same cycle to reheat a day-old oatmeal :cookie: and it was perfect.

Just, um…remember to turn off sous vide mode or your pop-tart will get kinda soggy.

I think it’s unbelievably stupid that this oven timer doesn’t turn the “smart” oven off! And the argument that it’s “for notification purposes only” is also stupid because unless you’re standing right there, you’re unlikely to hear the VERY brief and faint alarm going off.
We use this in a food R&D lab at my work, and the timer function is vital as we have better things to do than stand next to the oven and stare at it in order to avoid overcooking or worse.
I was considering buying this oven for home use, but I absolutely WILL NOT now, if for no other reason than to not subsidize ridiculous engineering.
We are considering returning the one at work – EVERYONE in the lab agrees that the timer is nonsensical as is.
Someone at Anova needs to be fired!

It sounds like your old air fryer had a built-in safety feature that automatically turned it off once the timer finished, which is not the case with your current air fryer. One workaround you’ve found is to set another oven task at a low temperature to avoid burning your food. However, it might be worth checking the user manual or contacting the manufacturer to see if there’s a way to set your current air fryer to automatically turn off once the timer finishes.

He’s talking about his APO missing this feature.

And what you say is correct. If you want to use the app you can add a low heat stage. But only if you use the app. 3/4 of the time I don’t use the app as it’s not necessary.

Just the arrogance of the APO developers to continue saying this feature isn’t required. They’ve missed a lot of sales because of it. I own 2 APO’s but I’m quite technically minded. A lot of friends that aren’t interested in using an app have flat refused to buy it because it won’t turn off at the end of the timer. From my family/friends alone - at least 10-15 lost sales. I’m sure there’s hundreds more as well.

The oven-off option will never come.
Did you really think that after so much time and empty arguments, Anova would ever admit they were wrong?

Maybe when they burn someone’s house down?

I have to agree that it makes sense that the oven turns off when the timer beeps. My largest countertop convection oven beeps continuously for quite a while to remind me that the oven has finished its work.I think fire is the bigger danger, not that someone will forget about their food and then try to eat it when it is no longer safe. There are very few foods that, when cooked to the proper temperature aren’t safe to have out for a while, After all, they may sit on the table in serving bowls for up to an hour while people eat and talk. In 80 years of cooking and eating, both mine and my mother’s food, I can’t remember us ever getting food poisoning. She taught us about foods that had to be put away, like mayonnaise and eggs, very young. Anova is being a bit silly about this, I think – and not thinking about a food that could actually catch fire and cause quite a serious bit of danger and damage.