Turn off at end of timer

I assume everyone here has heard the trick when you add a 75gegree step ant the end so even though it stays on, it thinks on is room temperature. It does mean you need to use the APP though.

Having to use the app to do this is a pain. And TBH even when I put it to 25 it’s still not the same as turning off.

Never claimed it wasn’t annoying or even a good way to solve the problem, but it is a way to keep from burning your food which is slightly better than nothing.

I’ve never used the app. I don’t carry my phone around. I don’t want to check it continually, and it is very annoying to see people who are always bent down eyes on their phone, thumbs moving. Communication is almost dead, in normal human ways. Why insist that the only way your oven can turn off when time is up is for you to control it with your phone?

I was not trying to say it’s the right answer or even a reasonable answer, but it’s as far as I know, currently the only answer. And agreed, if I could vanish cell phones and the internet with the snap of my fingers, they would have been gone long ago.

Hard to understand that such a simple request takes years to follow up.

Feels like the project “oven” was abandoned. Also no App improvements.

Please make firmware and app open source!

Such a simple feature to add to the app, at least. The arrogance from the company is shocking. I have a hunch the company developed the product and then significantly reduced their software/firmware budget and resources for the product.

The recent critical firmware update may be a clue that the company is changing software service providers. I cross my fingers that they are increasing the development budget and we will receive software changes, including this simple one.

This is a rare feature in Canada. It’s like consumers here only think it’s useful as a safety feature for seniors living at home!

Wow, consumers in Australia want this feature so much it’s standard on ovens! Australia is one company with compatible electrical standards to Canada. @Deadpan @tonydav, can you recommend any induction 30" models I should search out that are sold overseas?

This is why the APO has not displaced the Breville in my home.

I’m adding another vote for option of auto turn off. There are dangers to every oven- including having an auto shut off and not having an auto shut off. Dangers should not prevent options from being available. There are ways to add limit of liability language/ release of liability into the documentation - that should not be used as a reason to not provide an option many see as valuable. Hopefully the product management team will listen to the customers.

Hey have you dorks still not implemented a shut off when the timer is up?

Come on you clowns.

I use this oven much less often than I would if this simple feature were implemented.

Perhaps commercial ovens are designed this way, but every single oven I have ever owned, and I have own quite a few in 65 years, stops at the end of the timer. Toaster ovens, my fancy wall ovens, ranges, etc.

I also would like a “raise hell” level of notification. I often miss the end of a cook. Make some serious noise until I acknowlege it.