Two different units, both have just started failing mid cook

Hi Guys,

Have two Anova Precision Cookers from my Kickstarter pledge. Been using them for everything they are great. But about a month ago my black unit just stopped mid-cook during the day. Came in the morning to find it beeping its head off, for no reason.  Lots of water, no power lose, just odd. I was pretty annoyed, but figured since I had a second unit, I wasn’t that worried, I could always reserve the black for shorter cooks or for when I am around to keep an eye on it. So I started using my red unit.

So I just got home from work, looking forward to some pulled pork with the wife, only to discover the red unit beeping it’s head off! Checked it, lots of water, no reason for why it stopped. But then i noticed that the temperature it was displaying said -10C ?? I know it gets cold here, but that was just crazy. So anyway, started it back up, started pumping water/heating, but was still displaying -10C 5 minutes later, I put my hand in, nope, not freezing.  I turned it off at the mains a few times, eventually it displayed 35C. So now I am just worried I’ve got nothing that I can rely on for un-watched cooks!

Does anyone have idea what might be going on!? Do I need to get in there and do some cleaning of internals or something? My only theory might be that there is moisture getting into the unit as I put foil over the top of the pot to stop evaporation, and maybe the condensation is building up around where the Anova is sticking in and it’s confusing the unit?  Doesn’t really explain the -10C readings though.  I’m just concerned now. I love cooking sous vide :frowning: Especially carrots, and pulled pork, and pork ribs, on man.

I would give customer support a call or email. They will get you going. Like you say you want to be able to rely on the unit through the night unattended.

Had the exact same thing happen to my Kickstarter units.  Contacted support with very favorable response.  

As the above posters mentioned - drop us a line to or here via PM to me and we’ll get you fixed up :slight_smile:

> @Bill said: > As the above posters mentioned - drop us a line to or here via PM to me and we'll get you fixed up :)

Already did the other day, just waiting patiently.

Two new units arrive today. Very impressed!

Aces! Happy to hear you’re happy!