Two units - both now stuck on 32.0F

My original Anova WIFI was purchased last August 30. It started to fail - showing crazy temperatures despite keeping all steam away from the rear vents. Anova promptly replaced that with (unfortunately) a BT model and when prompted, replaced that one with a new 900W WIFI model. Sure - it was great to have two Anovas but last weekend both broke down and after a factory reset, both simply show 32F regardless of the actual temperature.
I have put in a new ticket to call it quits and just get a refund, but seriously, am I just super unlucky or do these devices have serious design issues?

Three units failing before their time? I’d be tempted to think the problem is environmental. Most likely dirty power (and having two fail at virtually the same time sounds like a power surge). Guessing you live in an apartment?

You don’t live next to a transformer station by any chance, do you? (Actually had a customer that did back when I started my career at IBM - they for some reason expected their PC monitor to behave ok, even though their TV sure didn’t!) :slight_smile:

This would also mean your location would be prone to other electronics failing long before their average life cycle (susceptibility really boils down to how well these appliances are protected by their power supplies).

To protect the APC you receive as a warranty replacement, I’d only run it off of a UPS (interruptible power supply) - make sure you only plug into the outlets that are marked battery backup.

That being said…me, I’d either move (if renting) or bring in an electrician to test your power and possibly look at putting filters on your circuit panel (if you own).

Hi Steven,
I’m an electrical engineer so am familiar with what you have commented on. Among other things we often have to get our machines certified to numerous worldwide electrical safety and performance standards. The most challenging of which is EMC/EMI and mains-borne disturbances.
We live in an area with great power stability. If what you say is true then the Anova is simply not suitable for home use. In order to reset the device I had to power off and on multiple times while holding down the start button. If this is what killed the, then again they have not been adequately designed.
It is the only appliance in our house which has repeatedly failed…

“Stability” doesn’t mean that you don’t still incur power surges or dirty power (line noise) (the latter exists virtually everywhere - much more common in apartment complexes due to the shared power grid and the number of appliances providing feedback on that grid).
If you’re in a standalone dwelling, however (getting your power directly from the utility), then you’re likely to have significantly cleaner power…almost no noise should carry on past your main panel.
That you’re an electrical engineer…you didn’t actually comment if you’ve tested or had tested the power in your dwelling for line noise. :slight_smile:

My point was that I shouldn’t have to. Every other appliance including other sous vide gear has been completely unaffected. Suggesting the need for a UPS… cmon man.

Heh. I have all of my electronics on UPS to protect them. And the one protecting my home theatre setup, I’ve had to replace the battery twice over the years. (as I tend to live in apartments).
I always run my APC off of a UPS to make sure if there’s a power outage (and I’m not home) that my cook isn’t interrupted (but, also has the benefit of protecting it from dirty power).

If you want to pretend that line noise isn’t a problem, that’s certainly your prerogative (but you’re shortening the lifespan of your electronics).

sounds like your mains power must be absolutely awful, fischersd. the only thing i bother with upses for at home are comms, servers and cctv.

Heh. Well, at least two of the buildings I’ve lived in have been struck by lightning, so you have to wonder how well their provisions work (vs how much ends up going through the wiring in the building). It’s possible that didn’t help. :wink:

Apartment buildings are notorious for dirty power…the more units in the building, the more crap you’re likely to experience from your neighbours appliances.

you should try powerline/homeplug devices, see if you can see other devices/networks

I actually do use power line modems at home and while they disconnect periodically, they work ok.

I guess it’s moot now as Anova’s has kindly offered to refund the original purchase.

well i’m glad they’ve sorted something out for you.

powerline thing was more to fischersd, since it seems likely that they are on non-isolated circuits by the sounds.

Really don’t understand why you think there would be some sort of benefit to try to connect to neighbours networks via power line adapters?!

Believe it or not, but all kinds of appliances can put line noise back into the power panel that’s servicing it.

You’re suggesting that most apartment buildings actually pay to add filtering equipment in your neck of the woods?

i’m not suggesting anything other than it sounds like your circuits aren’t isolated from your neighbours, and facetiously suggested that people in such buildings could probably access other people’s powerline networks as a result. not making any other assertions.

Heh. ok. :slight_smile: Yep, using powerline adapters in here could possibly be a security risk.

Each unit has its own panel (old fuses, not circuit breakers) - though, how much do circuit breakers filter noise?

Stuck at 32°
I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve only use this unit 10 times, worked perfect last week. Have six guest for dinner and the unit goes kaput!!, very disappointing. Support seems to be non existent, they are too busy selling new products at CES to provide support.

Hopefully they will get their act together and support their current customers