Unit just beeps

Hello Alyssa
I have a replacent unit that does not work. When I switch it on and try to use it manually all it does is beep continually The play button stays red and it tells me the water is low (and it is not) or tells me the water temp is to hot. I have sent emails to Anova support 7 days ago 07/02/18 and still have not received a reply. Getting frustrated.


Has this happened from the first time you plugged it in, or were you able to cook successfully before? Sometimes steam may get up in the head unit, causing the electronics to behave weirdly. Perhaps you can try to remove the metal skirt, and poke around in there with a paper towel to wick any moisture away. Hopefully @AlyssaWOAH will be able to push your support ticket along. Good luck!

Hey @coolpop can you send me the customer support ticket number? I’ll look into this.