URGENTLY need to contact ANOVA directly

I unwittingly purchased an ANOVA that appears to be incompatible with Australian electrical voltage (not just the actual plug). I bought it through Amazon and teh incompatibility was never raised on that site. I was apparently supposed to order the 220 volt, not the 110 volt.

Someone has mentioned a 1000 watt step down converter which is and extra $67, but I am worried this might void any warranty I have.

Need to find out if I should return this one (new in box) and start all over again???

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Sounds like the issue and burden of mistake is with Amazon.

I would send it back to them and use the “Inaccurate description” option, which will put the return shipping costs on them, since it was an error on their website that had you order the wrong unit.

Then just order the right one.

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thank you. have done that, then ordered the correct one through ANOVA direct. Unfortunately, when i first googled it, Amazon came up first and i stupidly didnt look any further… sigh…

@acs hit the answer right on the head. Let us know if you need help with anything else :slight_smile:

Thanks. xxx