Using egg whites?

I just started a batch of lemon curd. Now I have a bunch of egg whites I don’t need for the lemon curd. Anyone have any suggestions for how to use them?

You can use them to brush on meats pre-sear instead of mayo. Use it to ‘glue’ a herb crust to a roast. Velvet meat for a stir-fry. Make egg white egg bites. Nougat or marshmallow. Or a merangue topping for your lemon curd.

Those are all possibilities.


When I make Creme Brulee I usually make a “mostly egg whites omelette” with the whites. I add a whole egg or two into the mix and make a big omelette to share with my wife. Shallots, mushrooms, Asiago cheese, and fresh chives were the fixings I used for our last omelette and it was actually quite tasty.

I had the same problem. Used the egg whites to make egg bites.