Using Sous Vide without smartphone

New User Here.
I set the Anova to go by my smart phone before heading to bed. It seems I need to leave the phone near the sous vide. Very inconvenient.
I set up the wifi and thought that I could let it run that way, but when I checked it an hour later it was off .

Is there any way to use the Sous Vide without the smart phone???

Yeah, you can use the Anova without any phones. You can control it directly from the cooker itself.

In terms of how far your phone can be away from your cooker, that distance is limited over Bluetooth, because well, it’s Bluetooth. But with Wi-Fi you should be able to control from anywhere. And even if you do lose connection with BT or Wi-Fi, your cooker shouldn’t turn off. So I am concerned about this.

Please reach out to customer support so they can further dig into this for you.

Thank you… Yes I set up wifi thinking the same thing… I will contact Customer Support
Happened more than once… being this is my second time using the Anova

I have the Bluetooth version, so take my comments with that in mind. As Alyssa stated, Bluetooth is rather limited in terms of distance, so I find that the connection to the Anova gets broken fairly quickly as I walk around the house. It does reconnect when you come closer but can take awhile. Having said that, you’re not losing out much as the app provides little value to the actual cooking process. Since all you’re concerned about with sous vide is time and temperature, both can be set (somewhat awkwardly in the case of time) from the unit. So set the temp on the Anova and use the timer on your phone which will travel with you wherever you go. I assume there may be more benefits from a WiFi unit (use of the ice bath, for example). The recipes in the database are nice but you can get even more candidates just by Googling. Bon appetit!

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Thanks… I’m gonna see if WiFi works… if not your suggestion is good.As for recipes… I am on the hunt

I know I’m piling on, but another reason not to use the Anova built in timer is that once it’s done, it issues a beeping alarm that you can’t simply disable. There are several threads here on that topic and probably the number one complaint about the product. With an independent timer you’ll know whenits done and choose on your how much longer you want the food to stay in the container—still warm. Someday (we all hope) you’ll be able to silence the alarm from the app.

Wifi/Bluetooth adds no useful functionality and it’s not needed in daily operation. In fact, you need it only once - to switch from °F to °C. I use my phones time - because again, the BT/Wifi timer has no function and will not switch off the VD.

@eat I agree completely that it’s not needed for daily functionality, but some people are big fans of the Ice Bath functionality so WiFi does have its fans! And I myself like the ability to check mine to see that it is running when I’m away from home, or even to start the pre-heat while I am not physically present. In short, it does add some useful functionality for some, but as you say it is by no means needed.

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Well then, Ill try it… Not sure what you both mean by the ice bath. What is it and when would you use it?

The Ice Bath notification will let you place your food into an insulated cooking container along with water and ice - where it will sit until you want it to start off cooking…and if the temp of the bath happens to rise above 40F the cook will start automatically so that your food won’t be in danger of sitting at bacteria breeding temperatures!
@SouthernDad uses it all the time, finds it very useful, and has made a number of forum posts regarding how he uses it.

Here’s a link giving a “how to” for it:

Best of luck!


OKAY! Thanks for the info… I’ll check it out

You don’t need it to do that either. You are able to change from F to C from the cooker’s control head. There is a video of how to go about it in the Support section.

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I read manuals only as last resort if everything else fails. But good to know that. Right now the stick does exactly what I want, and does it perfectly.

Please Help asap. I have a crowd coming tonight and I forgot to put up the sous vide. How can I cook the london broil in 6 hours? IS that possible?

Hey @mrsbrite for organizational sake, please create a new topic/post for your question, or ask it here. Your question is unrelated to what OP was asking.

Mrs, M. probably not possible if it’s like any London Broil i’ve met.
Cook it the way you’ve always done it before.

If you are a newcomer, welcome.
Considerate members here don’t inject themselves in other’s topics.
And please realize SV cooking, like most good cooking, requires some planning to be successful.

First, give yourself a time-out and sharpen a knife.
You’ll need it and the break will help you refocus.

Then, when your current panic attack subsides and you have a few minutes, check the recipe on this site. It looks about right. Of course, you can always do that in the future as you likely need to get busy on dinner.

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