vacuum seal not sealing

I have the Anova Vacuum sealer and it’s worked fine in the past, but now, it just keeps sucking air out of the bag but the heater to seal never comes on. I’m assuming the gasket has gone funky, but, I can’t detect any flaws. Is there a source for new gaskets?

You may want to contact Anova for this.

After you try and seal does the bag feel at all warm in the seal area? The heating element may be at fault.

Service is your best bet.

After I cut the bags the size from a roll, I am able to seal that end, then I am put the food to be Sous vide’d into the bag turn on the vacuum part to vacuum and seal but it doesn’t seal at that point

Ah-ha Jaress! So we now know your sealer is able to seal to form a bag.
That’s important.

It is beginning to appear the cause of your sealing problem could be in your handling of the bag, over-filling the bag, or the placement of the filled bag in the sealer.

The end of the bag to be sealed needs to be pristinely clean and dry. Most SV cooks fold back the opening to form a thick cuff before filling. If you are doing that, - good. Then when the bag is filled do you have a smooth alignment of the edges to be sealed? If you don’t cut a sufficiently long bag the plastic might be distorted and leaking in the sealer causing the vacuuming to continue just as you describe. Try being a little more generous with your packaging material to discover if that solves your problem. Also resist the urge to overfill your bags. You want some surplus bag material around your food.

If you are packaging large items like roasts, it helps if you wrap the item in waxed paper before filling the bag. Once in, slide the paper out, unfold the cuff, and vacuum seal away.

Been using the vacuum sealer for years, it’s not bad handling.